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What if you Could cook
authentic Spanish recipes?

A world of diversity opens when you learn to cook authentic Spanish recipes. How Spaniards make those tasty dishes for friends and family!

Variety is a major keyword in Spain's cuisine. Nobody less than Gordon Ramsay is a fan, for good reasons.

If you have visited the country, you probably had those mouthwatering seafood dishes, tapas, pinchos, and more. People today crave whole foods, and rightly so.

Highly processed foods are no good for our health. We're becoming more aware of our food choices.

It would be nice to have an experienced cook to help you, right? Well, I am that guy, and I'm pleased to help. Even with local, fresh ingredients, wonders are made. The rest is some know-how. That's where I come in.

Perhaps one day you'll find out the foods in Spain are the same as the ones on this website. I hope my authentic recipes can make you a fan too.

The authentic paella Valenciana on a plateThe all-natural, authentic paella Valenciana. A delicious dish with its original ingredients

Create Easy, Tasty, Traditional
Spanish Recipes

To make Spanish recipes, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen. That alone can make anyone a fan of this cuisine.

Have warm memories of a time under the Spanish sun? A dish may take you back to that great experience.

Rest assured, that dish is likely on this website. The aroma’s alone might trigger a trip down memory lane.

Some travelers I know wondered how they make that delicious fideuà. They were intimidated. But then realized how easy it was to make.

Why Foods of spain?

I'm glad to tell this rustic cuisine is more popular than ever for its benefits. These are:

  • Healthy
  • Mostly natural
  • Lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Many recipes are vegetarian and vegan-friendly
  • Easy to make

People generally agree it is one of the healthiest kitchens. Who wouldn't want that? Tasty food that is also healthy.

No fancy schmancy cooking techniques are required. I'll show how it is done — with fantastic results!

The village of Olvera, AndaluciaWhitewashed Olvera, Andalucia. Seen from the road to Cadiz. Is there anything sweeter?

Edu's Passion for Spanish Food

Chiringuitos at the golden, crystal-water beaches of Spain. The picturesque towns and my parents' and grandparents' kitchens.

As I grew up, I discovered one mouthwatering dish after another. These are all connected to my past, holding good memories.

I particularly loved my mother's lentejas con fideos (lentils with vermicelli) and her pollo al ajillo. Muy rico! 

Besides their natural and healthy nature, these tasty recipes can make you want more.

As a Spaniard, I would be pleased to be your insider into a kitchen known as one of the healthiest in the world.

Edu in the kitchen

Welcome to my site. My name is Edu and I'm here to pass on my Spanish recipes for you to savor! As a Spanish cook I enjoy sharing my heritage with others, especially foods. The ones our parents and grandparents prepare in Spain.

In Spain they pride themselves to keep dishes as natural as possible. You see that mindset in other things, too. In environmental issues and in their relations with other people. Their live-and-let-live philosophy.

Favorite Spain Foods
to Lick your Fingers

Get-togethers are frequent in Spain. You'll see family and friends outside on restaurant terraces enjoying a bite.  

Let me tell you, those terraces are packed in the evenings. It may surprise you how often this happens.

That's our national sport besides football (soccer). Family life and being together are a thing. However, recipe differences depend on the province you're in. Patatas aliña (a potato salad) in Cadiz is not the same as the one in Seville.

With so much influence from many cultures in history, there's so much choice. 

But every Spaniard knows the...

  • Tortilla Española (potato, eggs and onion tortilla)
  • Paella (the famous rice dish)
  • Albondigas (meatballs in sauce)
  • Fabada (a butter bean stew with meats)
  • Zarzuela (a fish and shellfish soup)
  • Fideuá (vermicelli with shellfish)

... and the list goes on. These are recipes that have been around for decades or even ages.

Spain is Vegetarian Friendly

Spain has a lot to offer vegetarians. Yes, there are lots of embutidos (a type of cold cut) and other meat products. But like I said, many cultures have left their mark on the Spanish gastronomy. The variety of recipes is enormous.

Thinking about everything I had since I started walking, many dishes were vegetarian. That’s how common it is.

Assuming you are okay with eggs and fish, a short sample of dishes are:

  • Patatas aliña de Cadiz (potato salad – also vegan) 
  • Picadillo de atun (tuna salad)
  • Pisto (fried vegetables - also vegan)
  • Huevos a la flamenca (eggs and fried vegetables)
  • Revuelto de patatas (scrambled potatoes)
  • Tortilla campera (vegetables with eggs tortilla)
  • Huevos rotos (fries and fried eggs)
  • Ensaladilla (a rich potato salad – also vegan)

...including many types of pinchos and tapas. 

Moving away from fast food and highly processed foods to live healthy seems to be the trend lately.

Not everybody knows where or how to start. So let's start with Spain's broad cuisine. In my opinion, the perfect start.

Spain in a Pan is me putting my grain of sand to help the world eat better. I'll show you how to cook natural dishes.  As they say in Spain: "El buen alimento, cría entendimiento".

Another way of saying, "A sound mind in a sound body." So, let's go a la cocina!