Conversion Calculator

Here's a conversion calculator in case doubts arise about a recipe's ingredient(s). Fill in the corresponding slot and presto! No clicking necessary.

Input temperature, weight or volume value for an instant conversion. From metric to imperial or vice versa.

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Temperature value

Degrees Celsius :  °C
Degrees Fahrenheit :  °F

Weight value

Kilograms :  kg
Grams :  g
Pounds :  lb
Ounces :  oz

Volume / Liquid value

Litres :  l
Decilitres :  dl
Centilitres :  cl
Millilitres :  ml
USA UK, Canada
Gallons :  gal  gal
Pints :  pt  pt
Cups :  cup  cup
Fluid Ounces :  fl oz  fl oz
Tablespoons :  tbsp  tbsp
Teaspoons :  tsp  tsp